Oil On Canvas
48" x 60"
Mindfulness is one of many approaches to meditation. The awareness of the brushstrokes when it hits the palette and the blending of colors calls for the here and now called “being present”. Being present while painting is important in order to know the mind, train the mind, and to free the mind.

The influence of mindfulness on my painting is significant. Being in the here and now teaches me to be present to what I am creating in ways that engage my whole self in one-pointed concentration. The awareness of painting as it unfolds and my response to each moment I work provides access to flashes of insight.

This painting will be shipped rolled in a tube. It is signed on the front and back and accompanied with a certificate of authenticity. Take the canvas to your favorite frame store and have them stretch it onto stretcher bars.

**If you live in Manhattan I will personally deliver the purchased painting to your home.

If you are interested in purchasing a painting please contact Carolynne for information. (Click on the word Carolynne to email) or Call 347-922-1889

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