I am a visual artist/painter living in Manhattan most of my life. Since the age of 15 I have been a painter and have always found the process of creating art to be an intuitive experience directly and deeply linked to my emotions. Although receiving a BFA, and Masters degrees, the greatest source of knowledge came from developing a sense of self and learning from the lessons of living.

It is my intent to draw from my personal experiences and viscerally translate that into powerful work. Breaking away from accepted conventions in both technique and subject matter, my scaled works stand as reflections of my own psyche—and in doing so, attempted to tap into universal inner sources.

I value spontaneity and improvisation, and I have accorded the highest importance to the process. I resist stylistic categorization, but it can be clustered around two basic inclinations: an emphasis on dynamic, energetic gesture, in contrast to a reflective, cerebral focus on more open fields of color.

The mission of my company is to create art objects with a spirit of joy that is extracted from real life travel, observing the human condition and surviving urban existence. Most importantly my artwork emits a feeling of optimism and joy in a residence. My fine art paintings have been part of the designer’s plan to amplify the aesthetics of an upscale living space by giving it a feeling of harmony and balance.

My paintings are intuitive responses to the innumerable vitalities that shape my life—emotions that translate into color, visual memories of my past into forms and color relationships found in landscapes, and intimate accounts from my past. I started painting with oils, and am currently painting with acrylics as well. The work process is one of constant experimentation and change— building layers of color, form, and image on the canvas. My paintings are not planned, they are discovered, a progression that is exciting, fresh, and invigorating.

Since 2009 Fromme Productions LLC has sold digital images, multi-media artwork, fine art and videos online. Fromme Productions LLC has assisted clients in setting up their new homes using my artwork they have found on my website and commissioned work. I work with a number of leading designers and home stagers that acquire my artwork to amplify the aesthetics of a property.

Fromme Productions also brings the passion for art to the households of creative adults and children teaching them drawing, painting, and mixed media. (Please view Artsypups Classes and my Blogspot) With each lesson, I present a new set of exciting materials in a straightforward visual arts lesson where students are provided high-quality enrichment.