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Summer Blooms
Summer Blooms
Oil On Canvas
20" x 24"

Flowers are the reproductive parts of certain kinds of plants. Different types of flowers are built to attract different types of insects for pollination. The blossoms are often scented and brightly colored to attract bees and other pollinating insects, to spread the plant's genetic material over as wide an area as possible. This painting glides along a thin line between the abstract and impressionism.

I am aware of the sizes, shapes, and forms created with my brushstrokes in these blossoms particularly when they have created such a pleasing and unique rhythm. Behaviors showing rhythms include leaf movement, growth, germination, stomatal/gas exchange, enzyme activity, photosynthetic activity, and fragrance emission, among others. Circadian rhythms occur as a plant entrains to synchronize with the light cycle of its surrounding environment.

This painting will be professionally shipped in a box. It is signed on the front and back and accompanied with a certificate of authenticity. The canvas sides are painted a neutral tone to match the painting.

**If you live in Manhattan I will personally deliver the purchased painting to your home.

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