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Acrylic On Canvas
54" x 54"

My sound wave represents a pattern of disturbance caused by the movement of energy traveling through a medium, such as air, water, or any other liquid or solid matter as it propagates away from the source of the sound.

The pattern I created of the disturbance has an outward movement in a wave pattern, like waves of white and aqua seawater on the ocean. My staccato sound waves carry the energy through the medium. Sound waves usually move in all directions and are (less intensely) farther from the source.
IN this painting visual thinking is not simply a mechanical recording of images that I regurgitated repetitively. It is an intelligent representation and thus the images are a form of knowledge.

This painting will be shipped rolled in a tube. It is signed on the front and back and accompanied with a certificate of authenticity. The canvas sides are painted a neutral tone to match the painting. Take the canvas to your favorite frame store and have them stretch it onto stretcher bars. If you live in Manhattan I will personally deliver this to your home.