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Keeping Cool is a hand-painted textured landscape with large dry brushstrokes that describe the texture's movement. Smooth, blended brushmarks will describe still, silky water, while bold, directional marks are more suited to rough parts of the landscape, such as trees, rocks or sand dunes. This painting depicts playful lyrical brushstrokes that emit feelings of joy. If a painting can make you feel joy, you need to make it yours.

This painting will be professionally shipped in a box. It is signed on the front and back and accompanied with a certificate of authenticity. The canvas sides are painted a neutral tone to match the painting. Take the canvas to your favorite frame store and have them stretch it onto stretcher bars.

**If you live in Manhattan I will personally deliver the purchased painting to your home.

If you are interested in purchasing a painting please contact Carolynne for information. (Click on the word Carolynne to email) or Call 347-922-1889

Keeping Cool
Keeping Cool
Oil On Canvas
18" x 30"